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Service Price

The benefits of performing on-site testing at your office or job site include:

  • 1) Reducing employee downtime (each employee takes approximately 8 minutes)
  • 2) Eliminates travel expense
  • 3) Eliminates opportunity for substitution or alteration
  • 4) Since all employees are being tested, employees do not feel singled out. 

​On-Site Drug Testing

Drug Testing Services of Florida, LLC offers the most competitive price in the industry and can virtually service all of Florida. Scheduling must be made 72 hours in advance for all "On-Site" Testing.

Our technicians our available 24 hours/ 7 days a week.

A minimum of 5 employees are required for on-site testing.

Please contact our office for a pricing quote. (386) 256-0916  


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​Studies show on-site testing has a higher rate of positives than sending an employee to a clinic, most likely because of the element of surprise. If you are truly devoted to establishing a drug free workplace, on-site testing is the best way to do so.


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1) Technicians will arrive before employees at your designated site

2) Technicians secure restroom for any potential alterations or substitutions 

3) As employees arrive, technicians immediately instruct employee to perform test (individually)

4) Employee provides technician with adequate amount of sample urine

5) In private, test is immediately performed

6) Results can be reported to employee

7) Results are then reported to employer representative