Post accident drug & Alcohol test

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  • All positive results are lab confirmed free of charge
  • All lab confirmations are reviewed by a doctor, also known as MRO
  • All results have been proven legally defensible in the court of law

Additional Notes

One 10-panel drug test and one breath alcohol test. All of technicians are certified U.S DOT collectors and testing technicians. All of our testing kits are CLIA (Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments) waived.  Fee's are based on time and location.

​​Service cost Include

Ordering in advance

Drug Testing of Florida can service virtually all of Florida. We attempt, but do not guarantee to arrive within 2 hours. Certain circumstances can delay our technicians (weather, traffic, distance, ect.). 

Its the weekend or after hours and an accident occurs. As an employer you can not wait till tomorrow for the clinic to re-open. Breath alcohol testing should be preformed within 2 hours (no more than 8 hours). Drug Testing Services of Florida, LLC can provide immediate dispatch to our technicians for any reasonable suspicion or post accident screening. We are available 24 hours/ 7 days a week

Drug Testing SERVICES of Florida, LLC

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1) If a confirmation breath alcohol test is required~ $50.00​

2)If donor can not provide adequate amount of specimen. Wait time will be $55.00 per hour.

3)If we travel over 100 miles roundtrip, excess of IRS standard mileage will be in affect. 

Many employers prefer to pre-order in advance so that payment doesn't have to be worked out in the middle of the night during a stressful time. Employers may call us at anytime to order an immediate drug & alcohol test. 

Arrival time


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