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Drug Testing Services of Florida, LLC will fax or email the results to your probation officer or designated representative at no additional charge.  Results time take between 24-72 hours. All positive results are confirmed by a Medical Review Officer and are legally defensible in the court of law.

Types of probation drug tests 

Probation drug testing in Daytona Beach are required to be administrated for those convicted of crimes relating to drug abuse. If you are on probation and need a drug test you can register online or call us at: (386) 256-0916 to schedule. 

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Drug test result

The courts take any violation of probation very seriously. A failed probation drug test can result in: being sent rehabilitation center, extended probation, or in some cases jail. ​

What happens if I fail a probation drug test?

Many jurisdictions order specified probation drug tests. Based on the offense of the individual and the courts determination a specified test will be assigned. Drug Testing Services of Florida provides you with the lowest cost and fastest result time in the area.      

​Probation Drug Testing